This was Patrick Mahomes' masterpiece of a season, and he saved the Chiefs' Super Bowl on a vintage play (2024)

LAS VEGAS — Fourth down, a yard to go, down three points, with the rules of overtime hanging over the head of every player on the field. All the toils of the season, all the injuries, all the success came down to this one yard.

The Kansas City Chiefs walked up to the line of scrimmage. Travis Kelce ran a short route to the side of the field where Patrick Mahomes rolled out, but Kelce was covered. So Mahomes took off and got 8 yards with his legs for a first down, part of the Chiefs' march down the field toward the end zone that felt more inevitable with every game that he plays.

Nine plays later, Mahomes tossed a short pass to Mecole Hardman for six points and a 25-22 Chiefs Super Bowl win against the San Francisco 49ers, the third championship ring and Super Bowl MVP for Mahomes in the past five years.

It’s clear to anyone with eyes: At just 28 years old, Mahomes has established himself as one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, with plenty of time to add more to what he has. Anyone can go on the Wikipedia page for Mahomes and count the accolades he has picked up in his six years as a starter, but watching him play only builds the sense of undeniable greatness, crescendoing into the most artful assassin the NFL currently has.

Like all gold-jacket-caliber quarterbacks, Mahomes has an uncanny ability to make the right play in the right moment. There’s no better example than that fourth-down play that ignited the final drive of the game.

“I knew before the play that it’s more of a man designed play where [Travis] Kelce kind of comes from behind the line of scrimmage,” Mahomes explained, “And I told Rashee [Rice], ‘Maybe if you can’t set the little rub, if you can kind of set up open.’ And with them being so focused on that, it opened right open for me to run, and I knew I had to get a yard, so I actually got down on that one, and we were able to get that first down and keep the drive going.”

That drive was the culmination of a battle-tested playoff run for the Chiefs. They beat the Miami Dolphins at home in sub-zero temperatures, went on the road to take down the Buffalo Bills and Baltimore Ravens, and then snatched this Super Bowl win from the 49ers. According to Aaron Schatz and his DVOA metric, the Chiefs faced the toughest postseason run of all time. They did this while playing musical chairs all season before figuring out a clean rotation that worked for the postseason. They did this while dealing with some terrible losses to inferior teams in the regular season. And ultimately, they did this because they have Patrick Mahomes.

Everyone saw how flawed this Chiefs team was during the regular season — and they still won the Super Bowl. What happens if they go out and add a big-name wide receiver in the draft or free agency? Does the rest of the AFC cry? Laugh? Call the mob and kidnap Mahomes?

Even Sunday, largely in the first half, it was impossible for the Chiefs to get anything going. Yet they figured it out and still won. Mahomes and Kelce caught fire in the second half, and the Chiefs got back to looking like the damn Chiefs. This is an unflappable young quarterback who now has extensive experience in the biggest moments the league has to offer.

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, who is going to come back and keep coaching the best quarterback in football, was effusive in his praise of Mahomes.

“I mean, there’s no façade there. He comes to work every day, humble, wanting to be great,” Reid said. “He challenges the guys around him to be great every play and never flinches. You drop the ball, we’ll get the next one. Or, listen, I need you in this spot right here. It’s not like chewing them out or any of that bit and likewise with the penalties. Let’s keep our hands tighter. Let’s not grab. That’s the way he operates. A pleasure to coach. Absolute pleasure to coach.”

Through all the success, Mahomes still speaks with a level head as he increasingly grows into the NFL’s version of Darth Vader.

“I mean, I’m gonna celebrate tonight. I’m gonna celebrate at the parade. And then I’m gonna do whatever I can to be back in this game next year and try to go for that three-peat,” Mahomes said. "So, it’s an ongoing thing in the NFL, I think Tom [Brady] said it best — once you win that championship and you have those parades and you get those rings, you’re not the champion anymore. You have to come back with that same mentality, and I learned from guys like that that have been the greatest of all time at the top of the level, and so that’s my mindset. I’m gonna celebrate with my guys because of how we’ve done this, but then we’re gonna work our way to get back to this game next year.”

Four Super Bowl appearances, three wins, and Mahomes hasn’t even hit his 29th birthday. Buckle in. There’s a good chance the best version of Mahomes hasn’t existed in the NFL yet. The Chiefs will have work to do to continue this dynastic run — a damn near impossibility with the amount of parity legislated into the league — but as running back Isiah Pacheco said after the game, “It’s time to PARTY!” And we know who'll be leading the festivities.

This was Patrick Mahomes' masterpiece of a season, and he saved the Chiefs' Super Bowl on a vintage play (2024)


What did Patrick Mahomes have to say about the Super Bowl? ›

"We're not done. We've got a young team we're going to keep this thing going." During the postgame Lombardi Trophy presentation on the podium, Mahomes said the Super Bowl was a reflection of the Chiefs' whole season.

What is Patrick Mahomes greatest accomplishments? ›

Mahomes has led the Chiefs to six consecutive AFC Championship Game appearances and four Super Bowl appearances since becoming the team's starting quarterback in 2018. He is one of five quarterbacks in NFL history to win three or more Super Bowls.

What season was Patrick Mahomes in when he won the Super Bowl? ›

Most recently, Patrick won his third Super Bowl when the Chiefs beat the 49ers, 25-22, at Super Bowl LVIII in 2024. But looking back at things, we see that Patrick won his first ring in 2019 when the Chiefs beat the 49ers, 31-20, in Super Bowl LIV.

How did Patrick Mahomes celebrate the Super Bowl? ›

Patrick Mahomes celebrates Chiefs win while holdling his son Bronze. Champions two years in a row. Fresh off that overtime victory, Brittany, with baby Bronze in her arms, took to the field to give Patrick a celebratory kiss. The happy couple leave the field victorious.

How old was Patrick Mahomes when he won the Super Bowl? ›

At just 24 years old, Patrick Mahomes achieved a historic milestone by leading the Kansas City Chiefs to victory in Super Bowl LIV. Facing the San Francisco 49ers, Mahomes orchestrated a comeback, scoring 21 unanswered points in the fourth quarter to secure the Chiefs' first title in fifty years.

Who did Mahomes thank when he won the Super Bowl? ›

Mahomes was quick to credit his team mates for the triumph in Las Vegas. "What we've come through, dealt with this year, the guys never faltered," he said. "I just got to give God the glory man, he challenged us to make us better. I'm proud of my guys man, this is awesome, it's legendary.

Why is Patrick Mahomes a great QB? ›

Mahomes has let his competitive fire come out more in recent years. It was on display a week ago in Buffalo when he picked up his first career playoff road win en route to his and the Chiefs' sixth straight AFC Championship appearance. "He's a really special player," Marino said. "You can tell his competitiveness.

What's so special about Patrick Mahomes? ›

Since he was picked in the 2017 draft, he's also set and broken multiple records. The 2020 and 2023 Super Bowl MVP is one of only two players in NFL history with 5,000 passing yards and 50 passing touchdowns in a single season.

Why is Patrick Mahomes the best NFL QB? ›

With a 15-3 overall playoff record, Mahomes has already exceeded Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning's postseason win total for his entire career. His impact on winning is undeniable and he is, at the very least, on pace for staking his claim of best quarterback ever.

How rich is Patrick Mahomes? ›

Patrick Mahomes's net worth is estimated around $70 million.

With his career earnings, along with various investments he's made in F1 and the Major League Baseball team Kansas City Royals, Mahomes has some serious change.

Did Mahomes win 2 Super Bowls? ›

The Chiefs became just the fourth team in NFL history to win three Super Bowls in a five-year stretch and became the seventh franchise to hoist four or more Lombardi Trophies. Mahomes became the third QB in NFL history to notch 15-plus playoff wins and just the fifth signal-caller ever to win three Super Bowls.

How much does Patrick Mahomes get for winning the Super Bowl? ›

Jonathan Jones of CBS Sports reported that Mahomes is set to earn $1.25 million due to the incentive.

What did Brittany Mahomes say to Taylor Swift after the Super Bowl? ›

From the podium, she exclaimed, "I told you so!" while gesturing towards Swift, capturing the moment in a photo shared by CBS NFL insider Jonathan Jones.

Did Patrick Mahomes say I'm going to Disneyland 2024? ›

Patrick Mahomes just led Kansas City to a historic overtime win in Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas and, like so many great players before him, Mahomes celebrated by shouting “I'M GOING TO DISNEYLAND!” This is the third time the Chiefs' star quarterback has been featured in the famous commercial.

Did Patrick Mahomes go to Disneyland after winning the Super Bowl? ›

This is the third time Mahomes has been named Super Bowl MVP and the third time he has been featured in the famous commercial. This was the Chiefs' second consecutive Super Bowl win; Patrick Mahomes and his family visited Disneyland last year right after their 2023 Super Bowl victory!

What did Brady say to Mahomes after the Super Bowl? ›

And thanks to NFL Films, we can hear exactly what was said in the mic'd-up conversation. Mahomes went up to Brady and said, "You're a legend, man. Congrats, man." Brady told Mahomes that he was a stud and asked him to keep in touch.

What is Patrick Mahomes most famous quote? ›

Patrick Mahomes, the talented quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs, once said, "It's not about where you start, it's about where you finish." This quote encapsulates Mahomes' relentless determination and unwavering focus on achieving his goals.

How much did Patrick Mahomes get paid after Super Bowl? ›

Players on both teams, despite winning or losing, will walk away with a bonus check. According to the NFL collective bargaining agreement outlines that each player on the winning team will receive $157,000. The players on the losing team will receive a bonus of $89,000.

What did Travis Kelce said in Super Bowl? ›

NFL STATS CENTRAL: The latest NFL scores, schedules, odds, stats and more. "Thank you for coming, baby," Kelce said, as Swift said, "Oh, I cannot believe that." "I can't believe you," Swift said twice as Kelce thanks Swift for the support.

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