Python IndexError: List Index Out of Range [Easy Fix] (2023)


If you’re like me, you try things first in your code and fix the bugs as they come. One frequent bug in Python is the IndexError: list index out of range. So, what does this error message mean?

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Anything sirs and welcome to this video, where I want to show you how to fix the pipe index error.

So if Titan throws error message list index out of range, it's a stupid pack.

Still it happens to all of us.

So in this tutorial show you quickly how to get rid of it.

So the arrow the index error arises if you access invalid indices in your pipe list.

So let's open the interactive shell too, so that I can demonstrate some example code and save it.

Okay, so say you have the following list of three elements like LS pop and and- and you want to access the 100th element, then python will throw that the error message list index out of range.

So it's a frequent back if you try to access a list element with an index that does not exist in the list and python throws the end of index arrow, so the fix is easy is of course, to use the index to, for example, index two which exists in the list and one so I mean this.

This may be obvious to you, but one frequent mistake is that people try to access it like the third element with index three and the fourth element with index four and so on.

It makes sense logically, I know it's intuitive, and this error happens all the time yeah.

So you need to know that that, like indexing starts with the first index zero, so the first element of any sequence type in Python has index zero.

The second element has index one, the third element it has index 2 and so on.

So the eighth element has index I minus one okay, so so the first element has index zero.

Its LS second element is index.


It's pop third element has index two it's and again, and so, if you try to access now the fourth element with index three, because you think it's a third element, then it will throw the index arrow out of range okay.

So this this error appears in those cases and sometimes it's it's difficult to it's more difficult to find.

For example, if you have a four loop like here, so this is now wrong code.

Don't do this at home, so if you, if you have a four loop of like you, iterate over four over list with four elements, you use some kind of indexing scheme here you want to you think that yeah the length of the list you know in the range function it's excluded at this last element to which you iterate is excluded, so you increase it by one for some reason: okay and then you simply print the thing here, yeah.

So, for example like this, you have this code.

Now it throws the list index out of range arrow, Y, so now to get to get rid of this code to analyze this code in general.

This is general strategy.

If you don't know why this error occurs and you should do the following, you should see: okay in line five in this statement, print list either list index is out of range.

So now we go to line five.

This is this line, and now, just before this line, you add another print statement where you print the index.

Okay- and this helps you then just before this arrow is thrown, you see the index for which Python tries to access the element and this index.

Now you now you see the source of the problem.

Is you see the wrong index, which is four and now you can analyze your code? Okay, why? Why does this? Why does can I can't I access the index for in our in our list of four elements? Now you see immediately? Okay, it doesn't work.

We have the wrong index here so now you can eliminate the source of the after of the error of the source of the wrong index.

Why does five tighten even try to access in the element with index four and yeah the source? Is that you, you tell him tell tighten in the loop definition to go all the way from element zero, one, two three four to element four, so the index 4 should be executed.

You reduce it by one.

Therefore, the last index in your loop last loop variable I.

We will have to value three, so you have 0 1, 2, 3 and 3 will be the last one.

So now should work now it shouldn't throw the index error anymore.

If you execute the code you see, okay last element is Carl and last index is 3, so everything works properly.

So this this tip, like printing the last index just before the error is thrown, will usually get rid of the of the of the error of the mistake, and of course this can also happen.

This index error can also happen if you have a topic, for example, so you have a couple of two elements and and Carl, and you want to access like, say the second element and use index.

Two, then, of course it doesn't exist.

Second element has index 1.

Okay, the ice element has index I minus 1, so you need to okay, so this works so and also this works for Strings.

If you have a string like Python and you want to access the fifth element of Python, then you would could try something like this.

Okay at the pattern has six elements.

So, fifth would so if you want to try, if you would try to access the sixth element, then it would throw the index arrow and yeah to access the sixth element.

You should use this index five, the correct index, five.


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Python IndexError: List Index Out of Range [Easy Fix]? ›

How to fix IndexError in Python. The only solution to fix the IndexError: list index out of range error is to ensure that the item you access from a list is within the range of the list. You can accomplish this by using the range() an len() functions.

How do I ignore a list index out of range error? ›

IndexError: list index out of range error thrown. So the error is thrown when i is equal to 3 because there is no item with an index of 3 in the list. To fix this problem, we can modify the condition of the loop by removing the equal to sign. This will stop the loop once it gets to the last index.

How do you avoid a list out of range in Python? ›

“List index out of range” error occurs in Python when we try to access an undefined element from the list. The only way to avoid this error is to mention the indexes of list elements properly.

What causes IndexError Python? ›

What does it mean? An IndexError means that your code is trying to access an index that is invalid. This is usually because the index goes out of bounds by being too large. For example, if you have a list with three items and you try to access the fourth item, you will get an IndexError.

How do you check if an index is out of range in Python? ›

We can use the if-else statement to check whether the given index is out of bounds or not. If the given index is out of bounds, we will print "Invalid Index Provided" else we can just access the element.

How do you remove the range of an index from a list in Python? ›

  1. Method 1: Remove an item by index and get its value using pop()
  2. Method 2: Remove items by index or slice using del.
  3. Method 4: Remove items at a specific index using enumerate() + list comprehension.
Apr 7, 2023

How to check if index exists in list Python? ›

Method #1 : Using len() This task can be performed easily by finding the length of list using len(). We can check if the desired index is smaller than length which would prove it's existence.

How to initialize a list Python? ›

In order to initialize the list with default values, we can use the comprehension method. It consists of square brackets containing an expression followed by a for clause and further followed by an optional if clause. The expression can be any type of object that you want to put on the list.

How to find index in Python without using index function? ›

Method 1: List Comprehension. Python List Comprehension can be used to avail the list of indices of all the occurrences of a particular element in a List. Using List comprehension , we can get the index values i.e. position of all the occurrences of an item in the List.

How do you solve a list assignment index out of range? ›

The Python "IndexError: list assignment index out of range" occurs when we try to assign a value at an index that doesn't exist in the list. To solve the error, use the append() method to add an item to the end of the list, e.g. my_list. append('b') . Here is an example of how the error occurs.

How to avoid index out of range Java? ›

To avoid the ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException , the following should be kept in mind:
  1. The bounds of an array should be checked before accessing its elements.
  2. An array in Java starts at index 0 and ends at index length - 1 , so accessing elements that fall outside this range will throw an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException .
Mar 28, 2022

How to handle index out of range exception in Java? ›

The StringIndexOutOfBoundsException is an exception in Java, and therefore can be handled using try-catch blocks using the following steps:
  1. Surround the statements that can throw an StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in try-catch blocks.
  2. Catch the StringIndexOutOfBoundsException.
Feb 10, 2022

How to avoid index out of range error in Swift? ›

by checking if array contains that index or not before use it, we can make sure that we will not ever face “Index out of range” (if there's no other thread/async code that changes the array value) because we can make sure that this array is containing index we want to access.

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