Internship Programme 2024 - Sales Commercial Finance | ABN AMRO | (2024)

Are you in your penultimate year at university?

Are you considering a career in banking? Chart your career path with our summer internship programme at ABN AMRO, an international bank committed to your growth and professional development. We offer a work environment in which you will work intensively with different talents, as we believe that by working together we can produce the best results for our clients. Apply now to lay the foundations for a successful career in banking.

About Us

ABN AMRO is an enterprising bank with a primary focus on Northwest Europe. We serve clients in the retail, private banking and corporate banking sectors. We are also present internationally in a number of specialist activities, such as Corporate and Commercial Banking, Asset Based Finance and Clearing.

At ABN AMRO we have a clear purpose: Banking for better, for generations to come. The shift towards sustainability is one of the most important challenges of our time. Supporting our clients at times that matter has always been our role and our responsibility. Together, we aim high and work towards lasting relationships that are relevant and responsible, both now and in the future. We want to be the bank that leads the way.

Our strategy goes far beyond financial value: we want to accelerate the transition to sustainability. We do this by supporting and advising our clients in order to facilitate their sustainability shift. Our commitment to clients, employees, investors and society calls for clear direction, focus and dedication.

We concentrate on our three strategic pillars:

• Support our clients transition to sustainability
• Reinvent the customer experience
• Build a future-proof bank

Our strategy requires a culture of working together and permanent learning from each other. It is for this reason our core values of care courage and collaboration are at the heart and centre of everything we do. It's only with this mindset that we unleash the best in ourselves to deliver a high standard of performance. ABN AMRO's culture is the catalyst for the evolution in which we find ourselves: our people are imaginative, trust each other and do just that little bit extra to help clients.

ABN AMRO UK is part of the Corporate Banking business line and operates the following businesses in the UK:

• Corporate and Institutional Banking which includes Corporate Banking, Project Finance, Clearing, Markets - Sales & Trading and Financial Institutions coverage
• Commercial Banking which includes Commercial Finance, Lease and Transaction Banking

Our business lines are supported by a number of functions such as Risk, Compliance, Legal, IT, Finance (Including Tax), Business Management and Human Resources. We currently employ approx. 380 people in the UK.

Our Internship Programme

We are delighted to launch our insightful Summer placements of various lengths across several departments within our London office.

Department Area Programme Length
Sales Commercial FinanceCommencing 24 June 2024 for 12 weeks
Sales Support (Lease) Commencing 24 June 2024 for 12 weeks
Process & ControlsCommencing 24 June 2024 for 8 weeks
UK Legal Commencing 24 June 2024 for 12 weeks
Transaction Banking Hub Commencing 24 June 2024 for 12 weeks
Compliance Risk ManagementCommencing 24 June 2024 for 10 weeks

What do we offer?

• Valuable insight into Financial Services
• Opportunity to work in a dynamic, inclusive and flexible environment where you are encouraged to grow and develop
• Collaboration on various activities and meaningful projects that drive towards the bank’s objectives and supports our clients
• Working with a wide range of people with different backgrounds, opinions and ideas
• An environment where you will be challenged on a daily basis to refine your professional and soft skills
• Mentoring by the line manager of the department, who will equally ensure you are sufficiently supported through guidance and any training required

Department and Team Culture

The Commercial Finance UK Sales Team sits within ABN AMRO Asset Based Finance NV and provides secured working capital solutions for Companies, these can be called Invoice Discounting or Asset Based Lending facilities.

The team consists of ~15 professionals with anything from 5-25 years experience. The team is diverse and located throughout the UK and has a strong team ethic.

What will your responsibilities look like?

• You will review Business opportunities reviewing information memorandums.
• We will show how to review financial statements and how to analyse Companies
• Additionally you will help with providing summary assessments and carrying out research on prospects.
• We would also like you to attend team meetings, pipeline calls and external Client/Prospect/Introducer meetings.

What are we looking for?

• Penultimate year undergraduate student (studying a Finance related degree)
• Enthusiastic individuals with contemporary values
• A motivated interest in Financial Services
• Ability to communicate clearly and comprehensively with a variety of audiences
• Solid IT skills; proficiency in Word, Excel and PowerPoint
• Ability to develop and maintain good working relationships
• Excellent collaboration skills
• Effective at following instructions
• Self Starter


If you feel that you would be a great candidate, please submit your interest for the placement that best suits your skills, ambitions and availability via the ‘Apply’ button. We understand that you may feel your CV isn’t extensive or wholesomely capture who you are and your skillset, for this reason we would like to hear more about you in a cover letter! Please note that you’ll need to submit this alongside your CV via the portal when prompted.

Successful applicants will be contacted regarding next steps which will involve a selection process consisting of an interview with the department of interest.

Although the formal closing date for applications is Friday 12th January 2024, we do have the option to close the application process as soon as have sufficient applications so please apply early.

For more information, please contact:

Niki Champion
Onsite Recruiter
+44 203 192 9342

Additional Information

Salary Indication (London Living Wage - £11.95 per hour) £90 per day, equivalent to £20,430 per annum
Working hours per week35
Location Hybrid working arrangement with 4 days in office and 1 day working from home (likely to be Friday)
Right to Work RequirementsPlease note you must be a British National or have an existing UK Right to Work status to apply

Salary Indication (London Living Wage - £11.95 per hour) £90 per day, equivalent to £20,430 per annum
Working hours per week 35
Location Hybrid working arrangement with 4 days in office and 1 day working from home (likely to be Friday)
Right to Work Requirements Please note you must be a British National or have an existing UK Right to Work status to apply

I'm a seasoned professional in the finance industry with extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in banking and related sectors. Throughout my career, I have worked with international banks and financial institutions, gaining a deep understanding of their operations, strategies, and the intricacies of the financial services landscape.

Now, let's delve into the information provided in the article about ABN AMRO's summer internship programme for penultimate year university students interested in a banking career. ABN AMRO is an enterprising bank with a primary focus on Northwest Europe, serving clients in retail, private banking, and corporate banking sectors. The bank is also engaged in international activities such as Corporate and Commercial Banking, Asset Based Finance, and Clearing.

ABN AMRO emphasizes sustainability as a key challenge and a crucial aspect of its strategy. The bank aims to support its clients in transitioning to sustainability, reinvent the customer experience, and build a future-proof bank. This commitment aligns with the broader shift towards sustainability in the financial industry.

The internship programme at ABN AMRO offers placements in various departments within its London office, including Sales Commercial Finance, Sales Support (Lease), Process & Controls, UK Legal, Transaction Banking Hub, and Compliance Risk Management. The programme provides valuable insights into financial services, a dynamic and inclusive work environment, collaboration on meaningful projects, and opportunities for professional and soft skills development.

The Commercial Finance UK Sales Team, a part of ABN AMRO Asset Based Finance NV, is highlighted in the article. The team, comprising around 15 professionals with diverse backgrounds and extensive experience, provides secured working capital solutions for companies through services like Invoice Discounting or Asset Based Lending.

The responsibilities for interns in this team include reviewing business opportunities, analyzing financial statements, providing summary assessments, and conducting research on prospects. The internship also involves participation in team meetings, pipeline calls, and external client/prospect/introducer meetings.

ABN AMRO is specifically looking for penultimate year undergraduate students studying a finance-related degree. The bank values enthusiastic individuals with contemporary values, a motivated interest in financial services, clear communication skills, solid IT proficiency, and effective collaboration abilities.

Interested candidates can apply by submitting their interest for the placement that aligns with their skills and ambitions. The application process involves a cover letter alongside the CV, and successful applicants will go through a selection process, including an interview with the department of interest.

The internship offers a hybrid working arrangement, with four days in the office and one day working from home, likely on Fridays. The salary indication is £90 per day, equivalent to £20,430 per annum, based on the London Living Wage.

For additional information or inquiries, applicants can contact Niki Champion, the Onsite Recruiter at or +44 203 192 9342. It's worth noting that the right to work requirements specify that applicants must be British Nationals or have an existing UK Right to Work status to apply.

Internship Programme 2024 - Sales Commercial Finance | ABN AMRO | (2024)
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